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WHAT is LeSS and HOW Can it Help your Organization?

LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) is the simple high-impact framework for scaling lean and agile development designed to optimize the whole system. It’s based on over a…

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ScrumMaster File:  Positively Neutral

You are a ScrumMaster for a personal care products company.  You and the other ScrumMasters have formed a Community of Practice, getting together periodically to…

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Scaling Agile & Scrum?

Angela Johnson, Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach asks “what’s all the fuss about scaling Agile & Scrum”? Is it just me or has the word “scaling”…

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“I’ve enjoyed your Scrum courses and learned a lot! Thanks for sharing your real world examples to make the content even more meaningful. You motivate me to change the world of work!”
Jeanene F, Alpharetta, GA
Thank you for the training. It was great and you are AWESOME trainer! I got so muct out of the day, so again, thank you much!
Your candor and focus on adding business value were a breath of fresh air yesterday. Thanks again!
I passed my scrum master certification. It was one of the best professional trainings i’ve ever attended!
Joe G.