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Agile Leadership…It’s about the Flow

One question Christian Antoine, Scrum Trainer and Coach, frequently hears from leadership as an organization begins their Agile journey is “Does Agile or Scrum require…

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Step Up Step Back or Step Out

Collaborative Leadership Team’s Angela Johnson, Certified Scrum Trainer, shares perspective in this post about Stepping Up, Stepping Back or Stepping Out. A big miss in…

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Stop drinking from the fire hose. Tips from An agile coach

Christian Antoine, Agile coach and instructor in Minneapolis, MN, is often asked how to stop the ‘drinking from the fire hose’ feeling at work. Do…

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Whooo hooo…! Three letters added a minute back … Yay!!  Amazing session with lots of energy, Angela & Christian…you 2 ROCK !   Not just these two, I took home a point of two from almost everyone of you during our discussions. Thank you!
P.M., Minneapolis, MN
I really enjoyed this training and the energy everyone brought to a full two days of learning. I just passed my exam and wanted to thank Christian and Angela for a powerful presentation on the Agile framework.
M.W.P., Minneapolis, MN
WooHoo! Another CSM cannonballs into the pool!
Thank you, Everyone – especially Angela and Christian – for an amazing and energizing two days!
T.S.K., Minneapolis, MN
I too can now proudly add CSM to my resume.  I really appreciated the great discussions and questions which only enhanced an already great circulum.  There were several ‘ah ha’ moments for me especially when they pointed out the differences between Scrum and XP.  I feel really blessed to have participated in sessions led by Angela and Christian.  Best of luck to all as we change to world!
B.T., Minneapolis, MN
Great to spend two days with all of you. Of course a huge thing we had in our favor to compliment our effective coaches is we all already are very good at working in teams. I was struck by that when we started our sprints yesterday afternoon. Everyone just knew how to be in a group and harness the power of a group. That was very energizing!
S.G., Minneapolis, MN
I was able to pass the test and get the CSM certification.
Thanks a lot for your time once again!
S. D., Minneapolis, MN
I typically work with Project Management and Scrum Master Consultants in the area, several who have either taken your course or are waiting to take it in the future. The feedback I receive from your classes is outstanding! One of my current consultants said he was absolutely blown away by you last week. You were phenomenal! The consensus in the industry is that if people are going to take a Scrum Master certification course, to definitely sign up for your class. I hear this time and time again. I assume you hear quite a bit of positive feedback from your courses but I wanted to share what I’m consistently hearing as well. You are well respected in this industry and I know sometimes it’s nice to hear coming from an outsider. 🙂 Keep up the great work and I will gladly keep referring my consultants to your courses!
Christina Hillan
Hi Angela, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Excellent job and thanks!
Les Bradshaw
Thank you Angela!  We thoroughly enjoyed having you and appreciate your time and effort!  I had a blast! I look forward to working with you and your team in the future!!!  
Andrew L. Thomas III, PMP®
“I’ve enjoyed your Scrum courses and learned a lot! Thanks for sharing your real world examples to make the content even more meaningful. You motivate me to change the world of work!”
Jeanene F, Alpharetta, GA